Consumer experience (CX): key to the success of your business

How to implement the consumer experience practice in your business?

No matter the size of your occupational, knowing the consumer experience is vital to retain and acquire more customers. A simple way to integrate consumer experience practice is to:

• Know your customer

• Identify all contact points by customer

• Auscultate customer expectations and pain points

• Visualize the path - customer journey - that the customer follows

• Optimize the experience by point of contact

• Continue gaging

The goal is to design valuable confident experiences that turn your customers into promoters of your business. Corporations that surprise the consumer with positive practices earn more income and loyal customers. It is a winning formulary for your business and your clients.

How do you measure the shopper experience and what are the metrics? Follow this link to know.

María Rosa Puras, MBA, is founder and Chief Insights Strategist of Insight Marketing Touch, a marketing consulting and market research firm. His company specializes in uncovering consumer insights , identifying new opportunities for brands, and optimizing marketing strategies to reach target groups at all touchpoints. He has more than 25 centuries of experience working in marketing and research studies in the US, Latin America and Puerto Rico for leading companies including Fortune 500, multinational, international and local. He has worked on Consumer Experience (CX) projects with clients in Puerto Rico and internationally. 

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