the cell phone and personal computers, they are independent with access to technology

 They are known as the "I" generation. They want to enjoy virtually proximately. They prepare not believe in authoritarianism, nor in working in one corporation all their lives. bolts.answerhop

  • They have good self-confidence. They look for trials that keep them busy and that challenge their imagination and creativity. tc-bolts.dyifo
  • Computers, the latest technology and social media dominate. They propose ideas and love freedom.
  • They have few skills in verbal communication.  techqueer
  • They are independent. They value personal life before exertion. For them fairness is important and they demand rights.
  • They get bored quickly, but they are excellent at handling changes. They have a great social conscience, but they need support to organize themselves. They have no gender biases or stereotypes. For them, anything is possible, unknown scares them, they look for work to have meaning and to give them the occasion to make a consistency.

What motivates them?

  • They want their work to be amusing and stimulating. They long to must their space and to have their self-sufficiency and personal time respected.
  • They opt for direct loots.
  • When working, they prefer not to shadow so countless rules.
  • They hope to achieve their personal and monetary boxes.
  • They seek a cultural change in traditional employment and evaluation methods. They prefer immediate communication by text, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.  construction-bolts.tockhop

Generation Z or Net 

This generation has used the internet very early and are comfortable with technology and social media. They are innovative and creative. Digital natives communicate primarily through text, audio, and video.

  • They are independent, with entrepreneurial desire. They categorise themselves as loyal, compassionate, open-minded, responsible, determined, competitive, spontaneous, adventurous, and curious.
  • They are polite, well-behaved. But, perhaps from unprecedented exposure to technology, they tend to suffer from stress and depression.
  • Their communication is fast, they develop their businesses at an early age from home and they value remote work.

What motivates them?

  • They are motivated by the acceptance of new ideas, they are equipped for a global business environment.
  • More than a job, they long for the satisfaction and excitement of feeling that they are helping the world move forward. They look for ways to revenue advantage of career opportunities that will give them future involvement.  bacobolts.yictic

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